Happiness Quiz

Everyone likes quizzes. The buzzfeed ones tell me which song to put on repeat all weekend, how to cut my hair or what lipstick is the best shade on me. They are fun and take the pressure off when I make decisions on such small events in my life.

All decisions are small, normally they are either yes or no. Do I want pink lipstick? NO. Do I want coral lipstick? YES. Sometimes we debate for a long time if we are unsure or scared.

The path where a decision leads you can be large or small. Lipstick color of the day is pretty small. – to me 😉 –  A decision relating to happiness leads to a path that will effect your whole life. Am I happy or not? I asked myself the following 15 questions, as seen below. Let me know how you answered them too!

The Happiness Quiz:
Source: lifehack.org & huffingtonpost.com

  1. Do you give and receive love abundantly? YEP
  2. Do you not sweat the small stuff? MOST TIMES
  3. Do you spend time doing what you love? YES
  4. Do you perform random acts of kindness? 😀 YES
  5. Are you an optimist? YEAH
  6. Are you healthy? ❤ YES
  7. Are you honest with yourself? MOST TIMES
  8. Are you alive? YEP
  9. Do you want others to share in your happiness? YES
  10. Are you proud of other people’s successes? YEP
  11. Is living in the moment very important to you? YES
  12. Are you in a healthy relationship (and not just with your significant other). YEAH, DO SISTERS COUNT?
  13. When something is stressing you out, do you know how to calm down? SOMETIMES
  14. When you reach your goal, do you want to accomplish more? SOMETIMES
  15. Is there anything keeping you tossing and turning at night? NOT REALLY

These questions are heavy life questions. Getting real here folks. If you want more happiness in your life and do not know how to get there ~THAT IS OKAY~ Everything is okay. It will be at least. Clearly there are steps to take in order to ‘be happy’. They will be different for everyone. Shoot me an email and I will try to help with a personalized step by step process. norrisvhealthcoach@gmail.com

Health is for me. It could be for you. Make the decision to start. I can help.

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