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CRAVINGS. Listen to your body.

Hi ūüôā

I was researching this weekend about cravings and how they could be revealing a real nutritional need or just my stress causing me to habitually eat my feelings. I wanted to pass on some cool information I found!

Cravings are annoying and tiresome to me at this point in my life; I have struggled for as¬†long as I can remember. When¬†I was younger the cravings would start an¬†internal battle; ‘stay thin¬†or enjoy food for 5 seconds’ … OR … ¬†I would excuse the foods by telling myself, “It is¬†just that time of the month” or whatever other lie I could come up with to ‘allow’ myself to eat. I would always feel a pang of guilt after the surrender to my¬†mental struggle. I would realize¬†the splurge was not worth it nor did it make me feel strong and in control. I knew I was not giving my physical body what it needed. AND I played right into the evil hand which was¬†deteriorating my mental being.

Fortunately, I have learned over the years to choose the option that is healthiest for both my mental and physical being. Sometimes such a decision requires that I forgo the indulgence all together or sometimes the decision includes finding a healthier alternative to HELP both mental and physical being. I would say my cravings have lessened. However, this past weekend I was CRAVING peanut butter. [I am pretty sure I am addicted.] Hence the research.

–*I did give into the craving btw. No one is perfect. Although, I did not regret the surrender. I created a great healthy recipe that threw me into the mood for the Fall season. I made peanut butter cookies! Instead of flour – I used ground flax seeds. This gave the cookie a nice texture that was almost spongy? or gingerbread texture, but not that flavor? Anyways – not a food blog and I cannot describe food other than THEY WERE AMAZING. I have a vision to add pumpkin and some fall spices! *–

Moving along to the research … My fiance has mentioned time and time again to the point where I figured he could not be making it up; That a craving is the way a body communicates¬†what to input to get optimal results. He craves protein and healthy stuff. I am over here thinking, “Yeah, me craving chocolate and sugars means my body needs that to live.” **SARCASM & rolling eyes** It appears he is better at listening to his body .

I found this little gem for those who cannot speak the language of cravings with their own bodies; myself included.


Looking back, my body was actually talking to me with this craving and I am learning to listen better and quicker. Just like humans have to learn to actively listen to each other, you need to learn to actively listen to your cravings. Listen to your body. Learn its language. It is telling you what it needs.

‚̧ Vivien

P.S. Further research on my¬†craving/addiction to¬†peanut butter…peanut butter is a high in calorie food. So, when a¬†body is in starvation mode as I call it – too few calories in compared to high of output/movement – ¬†the¬†body needs more calories and provides¬†cravings for¬†high in calorie foods. A¬†body can only run on ‘E’ for so long before it NEEDS nutrition. I was taking in¬†about 1300-1500 calories a day and burning 2200-2400 calories. IT IS NOT SMART TO DO¬†THIS. DO NOT DO THIS! Honestly, I was not paying attention to my input. I was busy at work and my mind was elsewhere.



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