Hi! Checking to see if you are in the rat race??

Hi! 🙂

I had a super busy week. Mainly busy in my own head. I rush myself around all week to get the most out of each day! Anyone else get so busy they feel like they can’t do anything but survive…? It kind of sucks when you realize you are just surviving and not living. 

I try to take a few hours to recover. To me this starts with a good workout. Sweat, blood and tears. Today I did arms/back and walked uphill on a treadmill!  I’ve been trying to train for hiking up hills. The last time I went I was totally struggling! 

Then a shower. A good breakfast. 

Then maybe some reading time. Or Netflix. Currently hooked on Lost Girl!!! 

Later I plan to go out to dinner with my fiancé and spend quality time catching up. I may see him everyday but being so busy in my own head prevents me from actually hearing him and actually sharing my feelings. It is important to actually hear your own feelings and your partners. Keep the communication strong. 

Take the time to calm down and be real with the people around you. Don’t live your life as a rat race. The people you love and your mental health sould be number one. 

Work hard. Relax hard. That’s my saying. 😝

Hoping you all have a few hours or minutes even to slow down! Happy Saturday!! 

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