Motivation and the Right Choices

Motivation and the Right Choices … The combination for reaching any goal. 😉

My goal in particular was to become healthy. Which let me preface the post with this … Healthy is such a vague word, I know. Many people have their own ideas of health. Media has its own idea of health. The millions of doctors have their own ideas of health.

From my perspective, simply start by being honest with yourself .

What do you seriously want out of your life? This answer has to be completely truthful. Make sure to acknowledging all issues, wants and needs.

A starting point is the platform to bound off in search for your end goal. The realization of the difference, large or small, between the two points will create tension and desire. A tension that you are not where you want to be in life. And a desire to get to that place.

Good news is, you cannot sit in the tension forever as nature strives for resolution. You will be moved to resolve any tension. With the urge to resolve comes the power you need to make it to that end goal. This will be your MOTIVATION. 

 Motivation can come and go with life. We all know things happen. Tracking your progress is a sure way to keep the tension and desire. Each day, week or month you will see where you stand and realize it is different than your end goal.

Lastly, I want to make sure you are aware that you have the power of choice while on your journey to an end goal. You will be able to make choices through the motivation. Here is something I have learned** to help me to handle smaller decisions day to day.

You have made the choice to be healthy, right? This is a primary choice

The office where you work has donuts and you do not to eat them. This is a secondary choice, it is a choice to support the primary choice. 

DISCLAIMER: During your journey to an end goal, secondary choices will force you…

to do what you do not like


will not allow you to do what you like.

In the honor of being truthful, when does anything of worth come easy or without sacrifice?

This is why you need to be truthful in the beginning when making the primary choice. The more truthful you are with yourself, the more desire you have to accomplish the end goal.

Mindlessness is the enemy. Be aware. Have honest and loving conversations while on your journey. I am here to help with these conversations. I am ready to be there for anyone who wants to make themselves healthier! Sending my love and support to everyone!

❤ Vivien
**learned from Dr. A’s Habits of Health


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