Busy life makes for a sorry excuse

Having a busy life makes for a sorry excuse to not post. Last night when I woke up at 3AM–  I realized “Shoot!!!!!!! I have not posted in a long time!” Excuses are as follows: Moving, re-painting the house, accounting quarter end and planning my wedding. None are valid, but there they are for your enjoyment. 

The past two weeks I have been listening to some awesome podcasts. Simply because I moved to be an hour away from work–better location– and also to keep my mind growing and learning. I have noticed a huge spike in my productivity at work and in cleaning/cooking I am able to get done after a long day at the office. Y’all should try some!!

If you are lacking political knowledge, turn to More Perfect. I learned more in three podcasts than I did my entire high school career! And college now that I think about it! All thanks to my sister’s recommendation! 

If you are look for random 💩 chocolate frozen yogurt, but totally interesting—turn to This American Life. 

TED podcasts are also great!! I loved them in high school and still love them. Classic. 

I listen to Lore, it is about folk lore or silly stuff. It is fun and entertaining short podcasts. 

Anymore recommendations for Podcasts??? 

In case you didn’t notice, I’m super excited that I moved. Left a small apartment and moved to a beautiful house!! I have been reprinting the walls with my fiancé and his family. I worked a total of 24 hours between two days. I simply just couldn’t stop!! I will take some pictures and post later!! 

Shh. Posting while at work!! 

Wedding planning– I am pumped to be meeting with the organist for our wedding next week. Like a real live organist. Playing a real organ. I don’t know how many still exist, so I’m enthralled. We also booked a DJ! Next on the list, cake testing. Which. I’m pretty nervous about. I don’t eat sugar, as I am dedicated to a keto way of life. Anyone think I will miss the experience?? Anyone have tips for picking out cakes? Other than–pick a good one…. (<–to those sarcastic folks out there that I love very very much😜) 

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