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Cleaning up….well everything

I am trying to ‘clean-up’ everything and bring myself to a more natural state of being. Why you ask…? Like why do this?? What is the point?? Well because I look around the world and see sick people. Diabetes. Cancer. Obesity. Constant colds. Always ache-y. Always tired. Very negative and unhappy. I do not want to be one of those people. I want to live a stress free and fulfilling life. Cut out all the shit, and you are left with the good!

Clean: I started with my eating habits about 3 years ago. Since then, I have been eating a low sugar and carb — high fat diet. It has worked wonders for my weight loss, mental clarity and overall happiness. I eat pretty naturally, except for protein powder that I really cannot get myself away from! Meat, veggies, eggs, nuts, cheese, flax seed oatmeal. The good stuff. And when I say the good stuff, literally it taste sOoOo good. The transition was not over night. It happened after a detox of the crap food which took about two months. I have to say, it is 100% worth it. I am free from my old food prison!

Cleaner: I recently purchased some Young Living Essential Oils to rid my body and household of HARMFUL CHEMICALS. [I am aware that some chemicals are not harmful] This past week I received my ordered and started using a few oils!! I have to say, they have worked pretty well. I have used Lavender for its night time relaxation and decongestant purposes since I have pretty bad sinuses. I also used Lavender with coconut oil to rub all over my itchy rash!! It helped to reduce redness and itchiness. I have also used a necklace that holds an oil scent all day. I used, on different work days, Frankincense and Stress Away. Normally, when I would be pulling-out-my-hair-stressed for month end close as an accountant, I was calm and grounded pushing through the super intense and draining week. I have found that I have also slept much better. I have used Lemon in a morning glass of water to clean out the tummy and digestive track! And last night, I finally tried some Panaway with coconut oil to spread around my back. I have been in awful pain for about two weeks. Literally this relaxed my back muscles within 20 minutes and I fell asleep to a peaceful night’s rest. I have stopped taking the Advil when I have muscle pains and the cold medicine when I have a stuffy nose. So far so good! The only medicine I am still working to ween off would be Zyrtec. I am not sure if any of you have taken it for prolonged periods, then tried to stop taking it…BUT I literally itch EVERYWHERE! I felt like I was going mad. I had not taken a pill for three days and caved last night!! I am hoping to go longer and longer in between doses. I googled the insane itching and found so many other people experience the same withdrawal symptoms. Praying that the withdrawals symptoms lessen and lessen. I know it will be worth it to have natural ways to help my body feel better rather than taking medicine to simply mask the symptoms. Masking the symptoms keeps me dependent on medicine! I need to actually heal my body because I love and respect my body.

Cleanest: I am also doing a Colon Cleanse. 🙈💩 It seems to be working very well is all I can say without being gross. It is not a cleanse where I stop eating for a few days. I eat as I normally would day to day and take the young living capsules filled with natural oils!!! End goal, rid my body of its mucoid plaque and toxins.

Cleanerest: Next, I want to do a parasite cleanse. We all have them naturally….so don’t be so shocked that I am writing it out for you all to read. I mean, now that you know you have them too…Do you not want to get ride of them? I have random bouts of nausea and headaches. My stomach is bloated; and when I eat low carbs…this confuses me. Also, waking up in the middle of the night! It sounds like small and unrelated symptoms, but they are pointing to the parasites. I want to rid myself of these parasites! ? I plan on using a formula of oils my dad has mentioned. I will be getting it off of Amazon!!! Link: Now Foods Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex, 2-Ounce

Cleanerester: Lastly, I have cleaned up my beauty routine. I have trashed all the old soaps, tooth paste, make up and nail polishes. These have been feeding bad chemicals into my body. They are blocking my hormones causing me to be moody or upset. I am not okay with this! I downloaded an app called Think Dirty. You use it to scan items to see a rating of toxicity. My goal, use 3 and below for myself and my house. I have found soaps from Whole Foods – Acure Organics. [I think it is also on Amazon.] I have found make up under the 100% Pure brand and Juice Beauty Brand. I am waiting for them to come in the mail. I am mot sure if they are sold in stores! Again, ordered them on Amazon. The nail polish, I am still on the hunt!! I found a great brand but they seem to be out of stock; Scotch Naturals!! The tooth paste I started with was Tom’s. It works really well!! In my Young Living order, I received some tooth paste and mouth wash for free. It contains the Thieves oil for mouth health! It is different than normal tooth paste. But, after a few nights of use…I am use to it!

Overall these changes seem huge and drastic written all in one single blog post. But, THEY HAVE AND WILL TAKE A LOT OF TIME. Time well spent. Taking one step at a time makes it easier. One more and pretty large reason I am taking these steps…My fiance’s family and my family have a past with cancer. Research is showing that cancer is fed by these chemicals and poor diets. Although some say cancer cannot be prevented by avoiding these items. I want to lessen any chances. If I can cut out any amount of chemicals and poor diet choices, I am going to do it. Because it is better than cutting nothing out! Do what you can to make your life a healthier one.

One more note…Maybe it is just me getting older…but cutting out all of the excess and unneeded items from my life has mentally helped me so much. Financially…helped me too. I had never saved a day in my life. The past few months I have actually been saving. With the extra security comes peace of mind.

Getting back to a natural state has been so enjoyable. I am a better version of me. And I am able to be a better friend, fiance and kitty momma.

If anyone has suggestions for oil uses, clean makeup, clean soaps. Ways to make my own soaps or detergents! I am all ears!!

Live the simple life. It is the better life.

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