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I am more than my flaws

As you may have read, I am making choices to avoid processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, too many carbs, sugar and harmful chemicals in soaps, household cleaners and beauty products. People keep telling me I am making these choices because of my anxiety or my OCD or because I’m freaking out over the chemicals “that we can just not help in the world today”. People tell me that I should not worry about the foreign additives; that our bodies are adaptable to whatever we are currently doing to them. While I understand our bodies are adaptable, I choose to not WHEN I CAN HELP IT. I actually research both sides to any change. In research, I found a group of women living in a radioactive town in Russia where a nuclear/chemical plant had an explosion. They do not have 13 fingers and toes nor extra heads. They are perfectly healthy. I think it is beautiful our human bodies are able to adapt to fit our environment. It is a skill we have needed to continue existence for such a period of time. This does not mean we need to adapt to junk food and toxic chemicals that could cause cancer 😀


Let’s say there was a whole cake in front of you, ready for the taking with no one else around to share in the joys of CAKE! Do you eat the whole cake? If you say no, it is because you limited yourself because you know it is not healthy to eat a whole cake. If you answered yes I am eating the whole cake — we all know some people have a sweet tooth and there is no judgement here. However, after you eat that whole cake, you probably have a stomach ache or want to barf. Even the smallest limitation of toxins and junk food will help my health. Without the limitation I would be more sick than necessary. And being more sick than necessary does not sound smart to me. 

A Gift: 

This body was made by my parents and has been a true gift. I did not ask for my body nor do they expect anything in return. My parents gave up smoking to not harm me in the womb and once I was born. My mother nursed me from her own. My father has raised me to be healthy and strong. Both parents have taught me to love the body I am in no matter the shape. The story can stop there for you. I take it somewhere else… I believe I was created ever special by Him. He gave me this body to use as for spiritual strength. In either case, my parents or God, I do not want to disrespect what they have given me. 

So, if your parents gave you a car or any other large gift, would you use it recklessly. Most responsible people would not because they cherish the gift that was given. If you attend church, do you yell and scream to disrupt the liturgy? No. We all know these are disrespectful and wrong. Therefore, I respect my body and gift-givers by limiting toxins and junk foods. 

So when you tell me I am working toward a cleaner life because of my OCD, anxiety or pure-craziness-fear of chemicals….just remember I am more than my flaws. I am my strengths. I am faith, love and healthiness.

Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.  – Confucius

I hope this helps one person to think for themselves. Do not let others tell you why YOU do something. Stand up and live your very own life. It is a special gift.

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