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Hair health–What I am trying

This article —No-poo Article—The starting place for my no-poo journey. 😬 I then read many blogs and articles. Basically, I learned we pact our hair shafts full of hair product gunk like silicon which clogs the hair to a point where the natural scalp oils cannot reach/penetrate our hair strands. Also, the shampoo is completely stripping away the natural oils sitting on top the strands. So without the nourishment of the natural oils… our hair becomes brittle and weakens. 

Fun facts…Shampoo has really only been around since 1930! We are increasing the amount we shampoo! Women used to wash once a week! The United States population washes their hair twice as much compared to Europe. 

I have thin and weak hair…. I want to try to help my hair because not one single shampoo/conditioner has yet to work **for longer than a few months.**

And girls and guys, I know this isn’t for everyone!! I wanted to try it and figured I would share. 

My experience:

I ‘wash’twice a week. Although most shampooers are washing 7 days a week now. And I know cutting down to 2 so quickly isn’t fun or cute. I simply embraced the pony tails. Or greasy look. That was horrible for about three weeks. 

I have been wearing slicked back ponies probably 3 of the 7 days a week. Oddly, the “head-of-bacon-grease-look” I normally have after skipping shampoos is turning more into a shiny oil for beautiful healthy hair!! The pony feels more like a sophisticated hair-do than a dirty one. 

When I do cleanse–I have been using equal parts: rose water, Shikakai powder and Alma fruit powder! I put this mixture, honestly it is mud… into my hair twice a week. I chose those powders because … Shikakai is cleansing and helps with growth and strength! Alma promotes growth, reduces dandruff, and conditions. I scrub my scalp and let is sit for 10 minutes. Then rinse a lot!!! I do not brush my hair. Once my hair dries, if it looks a little frizzy… I spray a conditioner made of a little honey and water! Some people with curly hair do the conditioner in the shower and let it soak! 2 spritz for my straight head of hair is plenty! Smooths out the frizz right away! 

Other no-pooers are more hard core and just use water! Which I didn’t believe at first. But when I’m feeling extra oily I turn on the hot water in the shower and give a gooood scrub to my scalp while under the water. It takes out some of the dirt and sweat! It doesn’t strip my hair of the natural needed oils but it cleans it a little between my mud washes. 

Some no-pooers use the baking soda and water as shampoo with apple cider vinegar as the conditioner. I cannot stand the smell of those options. And they didn’t offer the growth and strength aspects like the powders offer. 

Everyone is different. From shampoo all the way down to only water to clean their hair! I’m trying something new because I have nothing to lose. I’m already dissatisfied with my hair! 

I have tried it for 8 weeks now! No shampooing for eight weeks. The growth has been wonderful! The volume has gotten better. My hair has stopped breaking off mid-shaft. 

Only thing that is getting old, is waiting for 10 minutes when you are wet and cold with the mud in your hair. 😐 Just waiting for it to work its magic. 

Last tip–I highly suggest getting a borebristle  brush–they will brush the oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair. This helps your hair to be nourished and be more healthy! I think this is what has helped my breaking! 

I feel like this part made me feel a bit misguided. All the articles I read said that they didn’t loose as much hair. Yeah, I still lose a good bit when I use my bore brislte brush. But apparently not detrimental to my great results thus far. 

Okay now I can end this no-poo sharing rant! 

I will keep you posted! πŸ™‚ 

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