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Oh my Lavender! 

Essential oils were first introduced to me by my father. He was using essential oils for my six year old sister’s homework time or bed time. He used different oils to aid with focus or to help calm her. Honestly witnessing the difference in my baby sister blew my mind… He offered a mixture called immune when I had a sore throat. Within 24 hours I was feeling better. I was skeptical it was the oils or my own immune system that made me feel better.
Shortly after my run in with the immune roll on oil — I started seeing a information on Facebook relating to essential oils. I didn’t really grasp how some oils healed anything.
Around the same time, I was having a rash that kept coming back with a vengeance over the time span of three years. I had gone to three dermatologist, who gave me each a different answer and just medicated my rash with steroids and daily prescription strength Zyrtec. Basically, the doctors put my immune system into hyper drive to make my own body fight off the rash. But a year ago, the medicine stopped working…I researched something for home remedies to find lavender as the most common suggestion. Normally, you just let a rash go away. But not this one. Guys! It drove me nuts 24/7 and I needed some relief. 
I reached out to my friend on Facebook about allergies and lavender to see if it would help. She lead me down a path to do more than cover the symptoms of my skin rash. Now, I don’t have the rash and I don’t take daily medicine.

 I use essential oils for anything from a headache to my anxiety or stress; emotions or a sore throat and congestion. I even use the oils on my face and neck to heal and prevent breakouts. I put an oil in my hair after washing for good hair health. I use the oils to help me fall asleep and wake up! Honestly, this has been a life changing journey. The MOST EXCITING PART…this is just the beginning. I feel so good about sharing young living essential oils with everyone! I could shout it from the mountain top. 

So, I have been using young living essential oils for 4 months now. I even used them when my fiance got the flu and then … gave it to me…-__-
My fiance took medicine for a week and still had symptoms. I used oils for two days and felt so much better! I kept using the oil regiment for a total of five days and was 100% better. I cannot accurately explain to you how much I love my young living essential oils. 
Real talk–To not use medicine, a proven tool for when you are sick, was totally nerve-racking. It is hard to take the step out of the cultural norm that we have been taught since birth. And when I share, people look at me to be a radical hippie with a warped world views and an unrealistic reality. …Haters gunna hate… But, I had faith in the oils and they truly worked! Really you should try them for yourself. At the very least, you should research them! It is so so interesting. I plan on doing a bit more reading myself 🙂
P.S. I am not talking negative way about our medical  advancements. Those amaze me as well! However, essential oils work best for MY life style because I choose to live in a more natural way.

Fun facts I learned at the live your passion rally that I find worth sharing…
1. Essential Oils are fat soluble, extremely tiny molecules that are absorbed on contact with your skin. The microscopic oil molecules reach every single cell in your body within 20 minutes. 
2. Essential oil molecules penetrate cell walls to provide suggestions for better function. Since oils are suggestions, one application will not heal you. Multiple applications will be needed; sometimes once every two hours or every 20 minutes depending on how you are feeling. You cannot overdose on oils!! 🙂
3. When compounds are in their original and complete state, as essential oils, they work in a synergistic manner which will not cause side effects commonly found when taking medicine. Essential oils will balance everything. 

If you would like to jump feet first into essential oils with me, please click the link–>Young Living Essential Oils – Vivien Norris
If you are on the fence, PLEASE please ask me your questions!

Wanting to read a bit more?? Then check out my page with more details–> Young Living Essential Oils
P.S. Attended a class tonight and cannot wait to write up and share what I have learned! Until next time! 🙂

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