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Today I would like to share a bit about myself.

I have two amazing cats — named Toulouse and Kristoff.

I adopted Toulouse 3 and a half years ago. I lived away from family at the time and wanted some chill companionship. Over the years I have come to love my cat as family, as most people feel about their pets. We spoil them with love and affection.

And like we should do for all pets, I took him to the vet for his annual check up. While the vet has always told me Toulouse was heavy, I just assumed he was a cute and fluffy and squishy house cat! The vet told me his weight was now to a point where it put him at high risk for diabetes and liver problems. Also, if the weight was too much for his bones and joints, that he would develop arthritis. 

I was upset and disappointed in myself for letting him get so unhealthy. I am a super healthy person. Why would my cat’s health be any different??? 

I would never describe Toulouse as playful and active cat. He is a professional cuddle-er!! I researched online for ways to get your house cat active. One solution was to adopt another cat. Which to all cat owners–if you have ever tried to introduce one cat to another…TOUGH WORK. SCARY WORK. You never know how they will react. And I am sure all of you, at one point in time, have heard a cat fight. Ugly stuff. 

I was assuming this would happen…Which my heart hurts for those cats living in such an unstable and hostile condition.


But, my heart also had hope because it was the one thing I had yet to try for my Toulouse. 

Here is a video from the day we brought Kristoff home 😀


CUTIES!! RIGHT?! Toulouse had never been so excited to play with toys that^^ way.

Ever since Kristoff was adopted Toulouse has been a much happier cat. Kristoff has been such a great brother. I have taken the proper steps to help Toulouse to a healthier weight by feeding him Metabolic food! Their favorite past times include: Wrestling or cuddling or eating. They are two peas in a pod. Here are more cute cat pictures and videos. Because the internet does not have enough. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Hope you enjoyed!


Fun fact: My grey kitty is a Nebelung–Have you ever heard of this breed?? I was originally told the breed was a long hair-russian blue. I did some research and found this video from Animal Planet…it describes him perfectly!!!!!!! Does anyone else have a Nebelung?? 

Nebelung – Animal Planet Cats 101

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