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Master cleanse…fail or helpful??

Hey everyone!
Ever done a master cleanse?
There have been many people complete a master cleanse for crash dieting or weight loss purposes.
However, I wanted to look into a master cleanse for purposes of toxin cleansing and passing the mucoid plaque.
At the end of November 2016 I started using a colon cleanse from young living; the cleaning trio to be exact. End Goal: I would pass toxins and my mucoid plaque. (I wrote in a previous post about toxins and allergies and how cleansing would help me! Allergies and Colons )
Now, end of January, I am feeling better from taking the cleansing trio. My gut health is noticeably much better. I have less swelling in my gut and I do not sprint to the rest room about 5 times a day… My face has next to no breakouts which would happen to allow toxins to excrete through my skin. My rash that I lived with for three years is GONE!! 😀  
However — haven’t passed the mucoid plaque. People keep asking why I am doing so much gut cleansing … … The reason I am so intent on gut and colon health is because 80% of your immune system is in your gut! 
The cleansing trio from young living is a gentle and slow process for colon cleaning for most people. Taking anywhere from 6 weeks to 18 months. 
Now, a master cleanse…. that is like hitting the eject button on your mucoid plaque.
Starting with

Every other morning-to be completed within 15 minutes…

2 teaspoons sea salt mixed completely in warm water – 16 oz
16 oz plain water

Every day-8 to 10 servings, so every 2 hours:

10 – 12 ounces of pure water
1/8 teaspoon cayenne
Half a fresh lemon’s juice
2 tablespoons of Coconut Nectar (since I couldn’t find grade B or C organic maple syrup)
Let me just start off with saying. I feel like a whole new person after my master cleanse experience. The past three weeks were awful and filled with personal stress and work stress. And while still trying to maintain a healthy mind and body with workouts and yoga–it took its toll. I am thankful for the quiet mind I found on the master cleanse to reflect and grow.
A huge BUT here.
BUT–I was miserable the two days that I lasted on the master cleanse which states it needs a minimum of 10 days to “work”. Work meaning –clean toxins. I had constant headaches, normal when detoxing. I used young living peppermint constantly and could live with detox headaches.
The part that really got me…. I was a shell of my real self–slept most of the two days away and had flu symptoms, aches, swollen throat and clogged ear and sinuses.
Please know this does not happen for everyone. I am actually the first person that I have heard of experience the cleanses this way….I think it is because my body is always in ketosis…a fat burning state…and for it to try and run off sugar from syrup I think was my down fall creating the flu symptoms.
So after my TWO DAYS! … I beg to differ on the length of time for the cleanse to “work”. No I did not pass my mucoid plaque. However, I did rid myself of some toxins. I also feel so free and so much better. Like I could conquer the world right now. With my body being empty, I was able to experience a quiet and empty mind to juggle many thoughts. I was able to work through the emotions caused from all of the stress.
Clearly I wish I could have lasted the 10 days–I asked my fiancé if he thought me a failure, as I thought myself a failure. But he said, “No, you accomplished something. Maybe not the goal that was intended… but you accomplished something.” The fact is that I failed to meet the 10 day mark, but it helped me mentally!
Life lesson. Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will be among the stars!  I lived that out and I am so happy I tried.
This isn’t the end for my cleansing. I will continue to keep my life clean of toxins. Physically and metaphorically.
Yoga and working out. Cleansing. Healthy foods. Happy people and environments. Less harmful chemicals. These are my life goals.

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