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Inspirational way to look at life—only if you can take it though. 

Look around you. Are you in a populated café or a quiet office space? Is it busy around you? Is there a hustle about the environment? If it is quiet…what are you thinking about? Is it what you would be doing if it wasn’t for reading blogs? Or what to cook for dinner tonight? When will you clean the house? 
Most people share their busy life stories and the stories fall toward a tone of annoyance or inconvenience of the busyness. 
–I am currently sitting outside of work surrounded by the busy…listening to the cars speed by on the highway…listening to a train nearby, screeching on the tracks and honking it’s horn. The work office is buzzing with chatter.–
And while in the busy environment, I am wondering …. why do so many people have a life that they find to be ‘too busy’ and makes them feel annoyed all the time? –a question I often ask myself!–I ask because we have the power to change the busyness of our lives….I say this with the most sincerest of love for others.  I know we need to work to pay bills. I know we need to take care of our kids… I know food doesn’t cook it’s self. I know a house doesn’t clean itself. Just keep reading. 
Only answer that comes to my mind, we choose this type of life for ourselves since we are in control of our own lives. Now the real question is why do we choose this ‘annoying’ and ‘inconvenient’ busy life?
Are we martyrs of our own life being forced by the competitive culture surrounding us?         I often find the culture to be a huge race or competition. The competition’s events being; to be the prettiest or most fit. The happiest and the richest. I could go on and on. The competition pushes us to all do more and more until we are all spun up so tight that we think it is normal to experience through-the-roof levels of anxiety and stress. Or even create an unwelcome feeling between you and other humans, most likely they are struggling just as much as you.
Are we scared to be alone in our own heads for any period of time and witness our true self, ugly or beautiful?       I see so many people during a day rushing around and checking off the boxes of life. From my own past experience, such actions were to shove down … The bad and ugly. The regrets. The pain. And even the beautiful parts of myself. I didn’t want to remember the pain because that meant I would need to acknowledge and work through those emotions. I didn’t want to remember the beautiful parts of myself because I did not truly believe I was worth a single good thought. Can others be doing the same?
Are we constantly bored with our goals and aspirations after a few months?           Nothing seems to provide a sense of completeness or happiness since we live in such a fast pace changing world! We are just mindlessly trying to keep up. We are numbing our true self and most deep desires. 
Let me give the benefit of the doubt– we have spent time in the quiet of our mind to only find an even harder competition?        One with yourself, one to better yourself and reach unthinkable potential? And. Now we are scared to even try such self growth. 
I want to urge you to prioritize a life for your deepest desire; not the popular desire of a culture. It is a big ask, and I know because I just recently acquired the courage to go to the quiet of my mind. What I learned allowed me to take myself out of the numb mental state our culture imposes. I was able to find my most deep desire. Every day I work toward my goal and I constantly readjust to overcome obstacles. I am not annoyed by my life or the obstacles anymore because I am working for what I want. And I know I will reach my goal. 
If the house needs to be cleaned, probabaly because you desire not to live in a pig pen mess. If you need to cook then you are probabaly hungry and desire food. If you have kids, possibly… at one point, you desired kids and a family. And working to pay bills. Sorry that is not going anywhere. So your desire to LIVE is fulfilled by starting at survival with making money to pay the bills. 
Honor your desires. And appreciate your desires. They are what make you, you. 🙂  Remember that next time you tell someone a story about your busy life. Will you tell it as an annoyed person or a greatful person? 
Spread the love. 
Thanks for reading!

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