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My no-poo follow up…

Last blog post about my no-poo I was still using mud masks and loving my experience!! 

My update: 

I still wash about twice a week. Sometimes I stretch to once a week depending on what I have to do.

I use the hot water technique between washes. And have started putting cedarwood oil on my scalp when hair is wet. This is for smells and to help with hair growth. 

I don’t brush my hair until it is dry! 

Hair is still growing in length. 

The volume has not changed much since the first two months, but is considerably better than when I first started! Loving this the most!!!!

Big new change–I was sooooo over that mud mess and waiting for 10 minutes. It was staining my towels and my shower floor. 

I use actual shampoo. But the brand is very natural and I don’t think it is too harsh.

I am officially a shampooer again. But with less maintaince since I am not shampooing each and every night. 

I find my hair needed the no-poo period as a detox from all the product. The no-poo period also served as a stabilizing period for my production of the natural hair oil. My hair is so much stronger now that my natural hair oils are touching the strands each day. I have also learned that I don’t NEED perfectly clean hair all the time. I have learned to appreciate the natural oils for how they help my hair. ☺️

I loved my experience and wouldn’t go back!! So much easier to not have to wash and dry my hair every day! And hair is so much healthier!! 

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