Master Cleanse ROUND 2

This past weekend I did another few days of the Master Cleanse.
This time I lasted three days instead  of just two days! That is a total of 5 cleansing days this year.
I followed the same schedule as last time…Master cleanse…fail or helpful??
By the end of the second day and the entire third day…which after everything I have researched and read about the cleanse…I was not prepared for what was happening.
So I am here to be truthful and honest with you people.
Gross info to follow
No really, if you don’t want to read about master cleanse ‘results’ stop here!! 🙂

Okay hopefully you readers are the ones who want to read this…

I am excited to say, by the end of second day and throughout the entire third day I was having plenty of BMs! 😀
Straight liquid BM. NOTHING ELSE.
Not sure why, but this bothered me to not be prepared for straight liquid BM. I think it is because I had a grand total of ONE BM the first time I did the master cleanse.
I took this as a sign that I was completely cleaned out of blockages! YAY! And that I was only passing toxins from my kidney. (The bile produced during the digestion of the lemonade, specifically the lemon juice, was allowing my body to clean out those toxins in my kidney. EEK YAY! CLEANSING!)
The color of the liquid BM was the exact same as the lemonade, dark yellowish/brown. I would go 30 minutes after I finished a drink. Then again 30 minutes after that.

I was led to believe that you would NOT need to RUN to the bathroom during the Master Cleanse… Well lucky for those people. Because I had to RUN to the bathroom.

Throughout the night.
I was going around midnight before I climbed into bed  then waking up around 4:30AM having to go to the bathroom…Guessing this is because I was so cleaned out that I would just go so often. This was okay since it was a weekend and I was home…FYI: I am an accountant and work in a corporate office from 8AM-5PM…Unfortunately, I could not do that run to the  public restroom all day. Which is the reason I broke my fast around 6PM Sunday night.
Then a friend told me, around 11PM that I could take ICP (Young Living supplement) in order to bulk my BM. I was a little bummed that I had broken the fast before knowing ICP was okay on the Master Cleanse!! Maybe I could have lasted at work!! You live and you learn though. Next time! 🙂

Digestive contractions and cramps.
I was also having a bit of stomach pains…or digestive tract contractions…assuming this was my tract contracting so often to move everything along!! FYI: the cayenne is the ingredient in the master cleanse to make sure your intestines are contracting. BUT don’t skip out on this ingredient or else the digestive tract will not function as it needs to in order to pass toxins.

Oh the sounds that my stomach and digestive tract were making…    -__-    Lots like lots of lots of gurgles and grumbles as everything moved along!

For you people out there, reaching day three….and having only liquid BM…AND for me, the next time I cleanse…I will be using ICP. And it is OKAY to have the liquid BM. Embrace the cleansing process!!!!
[[If you are curious…The ICP is a mix of three grams soluble fiber and one gram insoluble fiber which aid in bulking stool. The fibers work to decrease buildup of waste in the digestive track and improve the absorption of nutrients. It is one of the three supplements in the cleansing trio from young living. It can also be taken on its own when you are having runny BM.]]
I know the Master Cleanse is so different for everyone…But, it helped me to be able to read a few different experiences about the master cleanse to better mentally prepare myself. Hoping this will help some people! EMBRACE THE CLEANSING!
Until next time!
Thanks for reading…

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