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Welcome to my blog today! ❤
I feel like my dream job is to organize people’s lives or events. Am I weird? 
…Probably…But, I am good at organizing…
I strongly believe that when we are able to take care of biological needs with ease, then brain spaced is freed-up to handle any curve balls from life.
These tips may seem like common sense–GOOD. That means they will be easy to implement into your life! 😉


Home, food and water, are the most basic biological needs. Those bills often cause a lot of stress for people. Knowing how much money in my account is available for bills compared to ‘fun’ money allows me to make better choices.  I use a Google Doc Spreadsheet to determine if I can go out for dinner with friends on the weekend AND still pay bills for the month. I have the app on my phone AND can log into the computer to check my money situation. Sometimes my answer is “Yes–go enjoy that dinner.” Other times, my answer is “No, it is not in your budget.” I respect the budget either way. It was painful for the first few months to have ‘limits’ on fun…But, well worth it creating more security and comfort in my life.
Example Budget  I am an accountant so LOVE LOVE LOVE spreadsheets. Let me know if you want some help with your budget!!! 😀

MEAL PREP for the week

This helps me with biological need to eat and with my budget so I am not always tempted to eat out. Each week I sit down to plan out the three meals for each day.  It can be super simple like eggs, chicken salad and meatballs w/ spaghetti squash for the three meals in a day; eating nuts or fruit  as a snack…or super complicated if I am feeling ambitious for the week. Personally I cook in bulk and divide out in tuba wear for each meal.
Examples: Crockpot! Get one. It is $30 bucks at Wal-Mart! Then get on Pinterest. The latest crock pot meal I had was PIZZA SOUP!! So good! Crockpots also make amazing pulled chicken for chicken salad, chicken wraps or sandwiches, chicken soups or chicken Caesar salads. Anyways…if you want more recipes message me! 🙂 


Now, I have ‘Work’ notebook…and I have a ‘Personal’ notebook to prioritize my life.
My work notebook is for me to record daily assigned tasks. This keeps me on track for when my boss asks me about a random task assigned a week ago! Instead of feeling like I let myself and my boss down by forgetting a to-do, my notebook will keep me on top of it! 
My personal notebook is currently filled with wedding to-dos! My wedding is coming up in April and takes a bit of planning. I even write down when I need oils changes or groceries. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and confidence when I have something, even small, to check off!
For those of you that are thinking notebooks are so outdated…I agree. But, you have to start somewhere. It was easier for me to start with the notebook. NOW, I use the reminders app on my iPhone
1. Record a task
2. Click the blue ‘i’ icon to the right of my entry. [While in the typing mode of the task] 
3. Toggle a button to be reminded at a selected time.
4. Click the Scheduled tab, probably at the bottom of your screen. This gives you a view in the date order to keep you on track each day.
5. When the reminder time and date come, the notification pops up on my locked screen. The notification will stay on the lock screen, even if I unlock your phone, until the task is marked complete. 

Using a notebook or app may seem tedious, but it really helps when trying to remember EVERYTHING I have to do in a day or week. I also am able to get a sense of any free time to be filled in with more productive tasks…like writing a blog instead of scrolling on facebook. 😛


**No, I am not little kids anymore and do not NEED to be told when to go to bed. But, being an adult is way harder than being a kid and my body NEEDS sleep to recoup. To me that just means I NEED sleep as much as kids. … 🙂
I had to figure out what amount of sleep is best for me! It took some trial and error. I used the bed time feature on the Clock app on the iPhone. It calculates time asleep.
I started with the general recommended 8 hours and woke up SO TIRED.
I figured I needed more sleep — I added 30 minutes to my total sleep time. Again, I woke up super tired and groggy.
I added 30 more minutes for a total of 9 hours asleep. WRONG. I could not even wake up with 9 hours of sleep.
I decided to go the other way from the recommended 8 hours. I went to 7 hours and 30 minutes.

I think that is perfect for me! I have wiggle room of 15 minutes, but now I know when to go to bed in order to wake up with optimal energy levels! I learned when and how long my cycles of sleep were to find the optimal time of sleep. I think they have athletic watches that do this too!

Hope these help!! And free up some time to relax. Stop scrambling through life and enjoy it! It has so much to offer.
Thanks for reading!
As always, sending my love!

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