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Tattoo Ideas – Who else loves tattoos? AND has that itch to get another?

It is Friday! YAY! 🙂 Friday is for FUN.

I often go back and forth on getting another tattoo … or few. I have a teny-tiny one from when I went in college one night on a whim with my sister. I was a totally baby and thought I was going to pass out from a 5 minute, black ink only tattoo on my rib cage….. -__- But, the thought for another is there…in the back of my mind.

If you have read other posts of mine, you know that I am a very clean living, health lover. And tattoo ink is apparently toxic. I wish that it was not! I will have to do some more research on the effects. But, does anyone know how bad the ink REALLY is for you?? I am a dreamer and tend to just think of the positives. Like how awesome my tattoos will look!!!!

Here are some tattoo ideas that I have been playing with!! All photos from Pinterest, as I have a whole board for tattoos!

White Elephant:

Image: The below picture shows the elephant style. I would want a bit more pink in the flowers, green in the leaves and the elephant to be white in a water color style.

Reason: The white elephant has an idiom meaning special to my heart…

A white elephant is a possession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of … I could not stop caring for others as it is the purpose of my being. I have the fire and urge to help and care for those that I meet.


A possession entailing great expense out of proportion to its usefulness or value to the owner. Sometimes caring for others can happen in determent to my own self. I am never upset at this though, because caring for others makes me that happy.

The white elephant represents the gift I have of caring so deeply for others. When my mom passed away, she had prepared a letter and it told me to never hide or lessen this part of myself. God gave my this gift and I should use it as much as I can. I want the tattoo to remind me during any tough times of her words and that my gift is good.


Lavender sprigs:

Images: First – The Lavender sprigs that I want .Second – An example of the art style to show how it would look against skin.

Reason: To remind me to keep returning to nature. To keep appreciating nature. To keep respecting nature. I recently started using essential oils and cannot tell you the amazing way my life has changed. ‘As we see what the earth can do for us, we will respect and cultivate it in better ways’. Also, as an empath, my energy is refueled by nature and this tattoo would serve as a reminder to take some time for myself and my feelings alone.


Moon Tattoo:

Images: First – This is a cute image I found to show my fiancé. Second – The image of the tattoo itself. Third – The placement.

Reasons: I want a moon tattoo for two reasons. 

1. When I was younger, my mom would bring me on the back patio to breathe the cool air while my lungs were congested from getting croup every year. She would hold me close and sing, “I see the moon and the moon sees me. I see the moon, so God bless me.” It has stuck with me and I think of her every time that I look to the moon. 

2. My fiancé has always called himself a lone wolf. Which was sad to me–I wanted to fit into his pack. I found this saying. Reminds me that I do belong with my lone wolf. 🙂



Anyone else have tattoo ideas???

This post reallllllly makes me want a tattoo!!!!!!!!!!

As always,

Thanks for reading


Sending out my love!

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