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Cecile, the performing tiger…I mean girl. 

It was Friday and I felt like being a little silly and creative!
A short story
By: Vivien Norris
While sitting in her friend’s sophisticated yet sparsely furnish apartment, Cecile sipped a glass of pink bubbly in an oh so casually familiar way. Cecile was the kind of girl who could easily down a bottle a night to numb whatever she did not want to feel or think. And this numbing felt so welcomed after the hour drive to visit Krista.
Cecile, was a 22 year old single blonde with a dry sense of humor that would make you second guess yourself. Cecile dressed fabulous and had a knack for applying her makeup in a way that would approach but never cross the slutty-sexy line. Her green eyes stood out among the black and grey smoky cat eye makeup. Those eyes drew you in to her girlish face and she knew it. She was a powerful presence in any group of people; whether it be in the marketing office, where she worked or in a downtown bar, as she danced the night away. People always looked at her to be fantastic in every way and act wildly unexpected. So far, Cecile was loving the attention of people wanting her.
Krista, was a 24 year old ‘single’ brunette. ‘Single’, if you do not count the revolving door opening for the tinder guys she lined up each week. Krista worked as a museum tour guide in the downtown Fine-Art Museum. Krista was often invited to private parties with a plus one. Of course, Krista would invite Cecile…but only when the tinder guys declined such an awesome night. Krista had a way of making you listen to her that was almost toxic. Cecile knew better than to be sucked into her web. Cecile also had fun watching others get stuck in the volatile environment around Krista.  Cecile never could decide if watching was just as bad as spinning the web of crazy or not.
Cecile’s friend sat swiping left and right on the latest dating app while goo-ing and gaa-ing over these hot guys. Cecile had never exposed herself to such trivial choices of love or lust. But, that night, as she numbed, she thought, “What the hell!”. Cecile downloaded the app and started swiping left and right goo-ing and gaa-ing over these hot guys.
The swiping was in honor of Krista’s broken heart from the latest dinner date. He had blown her off making her eat alone. She was mortified and needed a confidence boost. In response, Cecile performed the friendly duties and provided the heart healing items: Chocolate cake, pizza and champagne — as if they were supposed to fix everything.
Cecile unexpectedly thought, “The flipping is addicting!” Even her heart started racing with the thought of getting a match! Suddenly, Krista squealed–she had just gotten a ‘more-than-deal’ match. Cecile had a pang of jealousy as she glanced over when Krista offered to show off her match. He was a bit older, 30 years old. He had brown hair and blue eyes, killer combination. His profile mentioned that he worked in the stock markets. “Whatever” Cecile thought in her head; and aloud said, “Cute match! Are you going to message him? You should ask him out!” Krista messaged Mr. Stock Money and asked about coffee. I mean–what does a 20 something year old girl have to lose?
Thanks for reading!!
Sending my love!


P.S. Just wait for the title explanation…a follow-up story will come soon!




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