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A quick thanks – follow up to depersonalization post

A quick but most sincere THANK YOU to the people who have reached out after my last post

Last night I chose to let others into my heart and unfiltered emotions. No fluff around it. I find it important to not lie to myself, OR to you all as well. We all struggle, and I hope more people understand it is okay to not be perfect. We are all a work-in-progress.
Honestly, it meant so so much to hear your encouraging and understanding words. It helped so much to be able to talk about it, essentially, with you all!
I know I have options and I know I CAN make a change in my life to better myself! Now, I will continue praying to help me find the best option for myself and my fiancé.
The support and love from everyone makes me feel as if I could do anything. 
Seriously feeling the love and hoping I can pay it forward soon!! 

Thanks again everyone! You know who you are!! 😉😘💖💜💖


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