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WHY: Extrinsic, Intrinsic, Motivation, Empowerment

So, lets say that you have set a goal.

It can be short term or long term.

It can be big or small.

It can be for yourself or other people.

It is measurable.

It has a time limit.

… Cool … Now, what will help you to reach that goal? [[Besides writing it down and brainstorming an awesome plan.]]

That answer I am looking for is the ‘WHY’! Knowing/Understanding your ‘WHY’ will help you reach that goal.

I once heard that you should make a goal so big that is pulls you out of yourself and into a better version of you. ❤

In order to answer ‘WHY’, I want to take a look at Extrinsic versus Intrinsic then Motivation versus Empowerment … 🙂

Extrinsic is defined as “being outside a thing; outward or external; operation or coming from without.”

Intrinsic is defined as “belonging to a thing by its very nature”; but I find synonyms are somewhat helpful after that vague definition…innate, constitutional, genuine, fundamental, built-in, real and true.

Most people talk about motivation when it comes to the ideas of extrinsic and intrinsic, but I think empowerment will better describe the will needed to accomplish a goal so large that it takes you out of yourself. Here are the differences between Motivation and Empowerment.

Motivation is defined as “having a strong reason to act or accomplish something.”

Empowerment is defined as “authority or power given to someone to do something.”

Now, I would prefer to give myself the power to do something rather than have a reason to do it because reasons fall flat all the time. You and your reasons change all the time. How can you always have the same reason to want something with an ever changing life and still expect to accomplish a goal? -_- Pondering yet??

Furthermore, I would like to correspond the difference of Extrinsic and Intrinsic –to the difference– Motivation and Empowerment.

Extrinsic = Motivation

Extrinsic motivation occurs when one is motivated to perform a behavior or engage in an activity to earn a reward or avoid punishment, AKA a reason as stated in the definition above.

EXAMPLES: Studying ONLY because you want to make a good grade, cleaning up ONLY to avoid argument with your parents/partner, participating in a sport/competition ONLY to win awards.

Intrinsic = Empowerment

Intrinsic empowerment happens when one sets out to accomplish something because it is rewarding on a personal level. Behavior is motivated by an internal desire to participate.

EXAMPLES: Participating in a sport because you find the activity enjoyable, solving a word puzzle because you find the challenge exciting, playing a game because you find it fun.

I hope this has opened your eyes to a new way to approach goal AND life. I have been trying to accomplish that goal bigger than myself and it has been trying and painful. I know these are growing pains and with my intrinsic empowerment, I will make it to the end!

Thanks for reading!

Spreading the love,

As always…


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