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Through the forest, over the mountain. Where else can I go now?

It has been a minute since my last post…I have been busy planning/finalizing my wedding!! 10 days LEFT!

But, I found this drafted on my phone notes from March and it really spoke to me today. [[I like to drive and dictate my thoughts through the microphones on my phone!]]


Here are my pure thoughts on self improvement.

I recently heard, “I am on the un-ending journey of self-improvement.”

Which may sound daunting to some people.

Or others are comfortable where they are in life.

Or some people think such a journey is fun and awesome!

Whichever group you land in or however you feel about self-improvement — it is a limitless journey. You never know which way is the best, but forward is the only way to go. I started the journey of self-improvement and called it a health journey. ‘Health’ is the only word I knew at the time to refer to my journey, but at least I was going forward. The deeper and deeper I find myself in this un-ending journey of self-improvement, the more I see there is more and more and more to life. I cannot make myself stop. I have this hunger to keep going. I started off slowly walking to a better health. Now, I am sprinting toward health and improvement because I am that excited to see where it takes me. Each and every day I am surprised by this journey. I find more about myself or life that I would have never known possible.

I like to think of such journeys like this…


Imagine there is a green lush forest in front of you and you are standing in a clearing just before the forest. You wonder what is in the forest. You hear birds chirping and see the flowers blooming. You smell the earthy calm breeze inviting you. You have a wondering and ever questioning brain to know what is in the woods. So, you set off to go through the woods. It is beautiful and comforting. After what seems like a few days, you see light shining through the trees in front of you and know there is a clearing in the forest. When you make it to the clearing and learn what is there, you realize that the hike through those woods was well worth it.


And guess what, you see two other forests — one to the right and one to the left with a mountain separating them. Again, you want to know what is in and on the other side of the woods. [or even over to mountain.] You will not know where each of the journeys will take you, but that wonder leads you to use your gut instinct to pick a path. This path provides an encounter of a wide river that requires strategy to cross. And once you make it to the next clearing you see a few people.

crossing river

Those people are discussing and sharing the past journeys. A few decide to team up and go into the next forest together. They encounter another river and some aggressive animals. Working together, they are able to conquer their trials and make it to the next clearing. Looking back, you realize the journey was well worth it and your self-confidence grows, your hunger for more grows and you cannot just stop there!

I want to be with the people discussing and sharing past journeys. I want to share with others. I want to teach others. I want to learn from others. There is so much in this life. And I simply cannot know it all by myself. Who is with me? Reach out to me if you have any awesome stories OR questions. I would love to talk to you about my journey!


As always,

Thanks for reading and I am spreading the love!



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