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7 ways essential oils fit into my life


Welcome to my blog! I am all about health. It is my passion. While health means a lot of different things, today I would like to share how I use essential oils to support my overall health.

I have learned essential oils are very versatile AND there really is an oil for everything!!! The reason I use oils is to be healthy. I need my health. Everyone needs their health!! Basically, we all need oils. 😉

I bought my starter kit from Young Living in October 2016 and felt a bit overwhelmed. Starting a new journey can seem daunting. But — rest assured, it will all come with time. And. I am here to help! 😀


7 ways essential oils fit into my life

1. Cleaning

I fill a glass bottle with water and 10 drops of Young Living Essential Oils. (I have used Lemon, Purification or Thieves) And if I feel like I want a little more cleaning power, add 1/3 of the bottle as vinegar. This mix is safe to use on any surface! I also use the Thieves cleaning concentrate. Works wonders and smells amazing while BOOSTING my immune system.

2. Topically

Essential oils can be applied on the skin directly to be absorbed. The addition of a ‘carrier oil’ or coconut oil/olive oil/vegetable oil is used to slow down the absorption rate and extend effective time of the essential oil. Along the spine is another good place for essential oil application. Essential oils can also be placed on the area in need of healing to provide instructions for the brain to send healing agents to the specific area. Although, essential oils can be placed anywhere on the skin to be effective. Essential oils should be applied as needed and on the same level of desired health support. Example: I can use one application of Peppermint oil to support my body when I experience a mild head ache. But, if I experience a migraine, I will apply 4-5 times within a 2 hour period to support my body for natural healing.

It takes only 20 seconds for the essential oil to reach the brain, 2 minutes to enter the blood stream and 20 minutes to reach all cells in the body!

3. Diffuse for Aromatherapy

Diffusing essential oils has its benefits over topical application. Diffusing allows the essential oils to go throughout the entire room to spread benefits to many people. It can also rid air of odors. Diffusing works well for respiratory problems, as it allows the essential oils to enter and support lung health. Diffusing essential oils lasts for a longer period of time than a single topical application. It all depends on your preferred use of essential oils and the support in which you desire.

4. Ingestion ** of Young Living Vitality Essential Oils

**Young Living has a vitality line of essential oils that are able to be ingested to reap their benefits. That is right, I can cook with essential oils. Personally, I have cooked with Oregano, Peppermint, Clove and Lemon. I also make a really great tea that has helped my immune system tremendously when I am feeling a little under the weather, the tea includes: Copaiba, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender and Thieves. Hot water and honey.

5. Emotional clarity and support

Yes, essential oils help support your emotions. I told you there was an oil for everything. 😉 I use Joy over my heart daily. Joy has been know to help people overcome depression and postpartum. The smell, which is actually the tiniest molecules of oils reaches the amygdala (the memory processing and storage part of your brain) by going through the old factory system! The amygdala also plays a primary role in decision making and emotional reactions. Helloooo. Science is cool. Frankincense is grounding. Peppermint wakens and re-focuses you. Stress away, well makes stress go away. I could go on and on about emotional support from essential oils. This one is probably my favorite use.

6. Beauty Routine

Apply Young Living Essential Oils to skin or hair. I use a few drops of Cedarwood and Lavender oil in my hair and on my scalp at night, these double as soothing for sleep too! Frankincense is amazing all over the face, as it supports your body to do wonders for scars, wrinkles and sun/age spots. On scrapes or cuts, I use Purification to pull out the bacteria and Lavender to promote natural healing. If my face or acne is red and irritated I use Lavender! Young living also has a beauty line! Face wash, soaps and lotions.

7. Everyday around the house tasks

I use essential oils every day. Because they work. I put oil on my firewood for additional smells when I got to burn a fire! I use lemons to de-grease or get the stickers off of glass. I put purification on a cotton ball and drop it at the bottom of my trash can to eliminate odors. You can try the cotton ball trick in your vacuum bag too! Or your stinky shoes. Mix peppermint oil with water and spray around the cracks to keep out spiders! Use a few drops of oil on dryer balls to scent your laundry. The uses are endless.

For every oil I use, it is one less toxic chemical in my household. My husband’s father had and beaten cancer TWICE. Thank God. However, I hope my husband never knows what it takes to have and beat cancer. I want to keep our family environment as free of toxins as I possibly can. Our bodies are naturally built to be amazing, and with the support of essential oils…well I will let you make your own opinion after you try them!

Health is my passion because it is so special and important. I cherish it very much!

Thanks for reading!! Message me if you want more information on ANYTHING! I love sharing and learning about health.


Spread the love people!

I am looking at hosting a class to teach the basics of essential oils. Please let me know if you would like an invite! 🙂

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