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Young Living: These are Replacement Purchases

You think that you cannot possibly spend money on one more thing each month. 
What if I told you that you do not have to? 
Just replace your current purchases with the Young Living products AND/OR get your oils/products paid for by sharing with others (this will actually save you money people!!!)
I use to go to a store and spend so much money on shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, face wash, face lotion, toothpaste, mouthwash, vitamins, supplements, sunscreen, laundry soap, dish soap and foods. I’m talking hundreds each month. Now, I use that money to purchase the items I need from Young Living. And guess what, I know they are healthy for me. 
These products are WORTH MY hard earned dollar. 
Those products listed above are common; everyone uses them. So, I know you buy these things! And I know you want to spend your money on worth while products. 
I love sharing. And here is my reason:
I’ve gotten healthy, and now I need to use my freedom and health to help other people. Being healthy is not enough for me. I need to use these gifts that I have and give more people this wealth. It would be like if someone won the lottery and then just laid in the bed full of money all the time. That would be selfish and pointless. 
Before I started a health journey, I did not know any better than to, go to work and go home and go to work and go home just like every other person in America. I was always frustrated with what I called the “rat race”. 
Now, I see that there’s a light on the other side!! There is a way to live your life differently!! I’m ready to take that step — I’m ready to lead people to health and freedom. I can see that if I accept my life as status quo, it will become a black hole. SO PLEASE — Join me on this journey! 
I’m not trying to sell you a quick fix, I’m offering sourced information and my past experiences. And I hope that you can learn from them. 
The information I have to offer is there to help you take control of your own health. It’s not to lose 30 pounds over night. Or force your body to be a certain way. You will want to choose health and happiness and wellness everyday. I promise you. 
Join me for my class! Saturday June 3rd at 2PM! LINK TO INVITE

Message me if you would like to come! ❤ Or see a video recording–for those out of town-ers. Oils are so amazing, they should reach everyone!

I will be teaching about the Starter Kit to get you on the track to freedom and a healthy happy life. This is a “do not want to miss” event! Can’t wait to see you there! 



Vivien Norris Ferrer # 10460770

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