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Vegan Diet – Don’t get your panties in a bunch…

Hello! Today will be fun. It is marking a new chapter in my life.

Boat rocking. Life altering. Health changing. Mind blowing.

I am going to eat a Vegan Diet.

There….I said it. I am not sure why it has been hard for me to tell people. I think I am most scared of others’ judgements. People hear vegan and assume super crunchy hippie person. Or that all vegans dislike meat eaters with a burning passion and are ready to condem them for the most awful sin EVER. Personally, this is a choice that is better for my lifestyle. I will not pass judgements on others that eat meat! (Jesus tells us not to judge others, it is not my place to judge a soul.) I will be here to answer questions and continue to learn about Veganism. Right now, I am eating a vegan diet. Which to me–is WAYY different than being a vegan. If I was a vegan, I would need to wear vegan clothes, use vegan cosmetics and everything I purchased would need to be without animal cruelty. But, I try to keep in mind, this is for me and not for anyone else! I am taking this at my own pace! I am thankful I have given myself a chance to grow into a better person! 

From Junk Food to Ketogenic to Pescatarian to Vegan, my lifestyle/diet has changed often, but because it changes as I learn more about what health looks like for ME! I do not EVER want to knock any other diet. I am simply here to report my journey and what is working or not working for ME!

Surprise!! To those of you still sitting there with your mouth hanging open…I have actually been eating a vegan diet 4 out of the 7 days a week since March 1, 2017 when I gave up meat for lent. I was already dairy free by that time, although that is another blog post that needs to be written!! And I only ate fish on the days I worked out, because I thought, “I ‘need’ more protein on those days.” ~Back to this later~.

I have researched this up and down. Back and forth. and ALLL around. It has been a slow changing process. I did it that way to make sure my body and nutrition would not suffer from any huge deficiencies. The only thing I see as being a problem, not directly related to Veganism, more related to my own disordered eating behaviors… will be calories. I have always had problems with caloric intake…I used to eat too many and then too few. I have been trained to eat little baby portions in my weight loss journey!! Something I will still have to work on — making sure I eat enough because I am not trying to lose weight anymore!

The reason I am sharing, is because I want others to see what has lead me to make this decision. My passion is health and I find it necessary to share what I have learned instead of keeping it bottled up in my brain, essentially useless.

Journey: Taking you quickly from my Junk Food to Ketogenic to Pescatarian to Vegan

3.5 years ago, I wanted to lose weight. I couldn’t do it myself, so my dad, lovingly, stepped in to offer help. He has lost 90 pounds, my step-mom has lost 40 pounds, my sisters have both lost 20/30 pounds and I have lost 40 pounds. That is just the immediate family. My dad has coached many people to a healthier and happier life! It is beautiful what he does. I will forever be a million times thankful for the help he gave me! He sparked something in me that I do not even think he knows about till this day — I have a passion for health. Until he showed me that there was a better way to live your life, rather than be miserable with myself and my body…I had not idea my life COULD be different.

8 months ago, I was battling with my cholesterol. My family has a history of high cholesterol. Therefore, I did not want to let this go un-attended for a long period of time. I was already having chest pains at the age of 26….And I ran or worked out 4 or 5 days a week. To handle the cholesterol, I started eating more plant based items with LOTS OF FIBER. I cut back the eggs and meat and dairy. I added veggies and steel cut oats and beans. My cholesterol finally came down after 6 months after the dietary changes.

During those 6 months, I gave up meat for Lent; this was for personal faith growing purposes. 🙂 I can explain if you really want to know–just message me! Know that it was not my intention to become a pescatarian forever!

After the past 6 months with more plant based foods,

–okay I am trying to best put this into words here–

After the past 6 months with more plant based foods, I am freer-er. Cleaner. Happier. Lighter. More open. More loving. More positive. Able to conquer my fears. Able to reach my dreams.

I am a HUGE believer that input is everything for your body. Having the pure, clean yet basic foods have lead me to be a better person. Laugh or make fun all you want. Until your try this and experience it, I am not sure I can put adequate words to describe this feeling. These feelings.

These feelings sparked my interest in a Vegan diet. I read many articles. Spoke to a bunch of Vegans online, I don’t know many personally…or I would have spoke to them in person… 🙂

I was talking to them about my concerns. Here are my concerns…

Protein. and. Soy.

Protein: I did not think that I could get enough protein while eating a Vegan diet.  In my head, as we have all been lead to believe from marketing, protein is HIGH in meat and non-existent everywhere else. Fun fact: If I ate 2 cups of Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats, I would have my daily Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein. Does it blow your mind that OATS can give me enough protien?? Here is what I used to calculate the total protein to intake of 55grams

Since I was so worried about my protein.. I wrote it out:

Daily food

I naturally exceeded my protein amount by 11 grams without trying!!!! And to be honest, I eat way more than 2 TB of peanut butter–Because I LOVE IT!

I can no longer be worried about protein. Moving along to my next concern.

Soy: I have been told that females should not eat soy, as it has negative effects on a female body.

Now, I am still learning and worried about this whole soy thing. But, to spark your interest as mine was recently sparked… Here is a video, from There is a lot of science and I have wathced it a few times, I do not speak much of the science language. But, it has sparked me to research MORE! 

Another interesting link on Soy…. PubMed on Soy
I cannot really argue with science…so I will research more to find either supporting or debunking information about soy. I will pass it along as I find it! 🙂 

I look forward to sharing recipes and my journey thus far!! 

Any Vegans with Tips or Recipes, they will be greatly appreciated! Just email them to me at
Thanks for reading

Spreading the love!


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