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Do not be a statistic!!

When people hear my adverse reaction to a traditional household product that I claim to be toxic or to some processed food that they eat EVERY day — they reply with, “Well my body doesn’t do that now and I use those products and eat processed food!!! Why would I want to switch and have my body do those bad awful things?”

Which I get it!!!  Why do you want to put yourself in harms way? It is not human nature… YOU AND I COULD NOT BE MORE ON THE SAME PAGE. Keep an open mind and read.

Listen here–to all those skeptics and critics–My body is clean and in a more natural state. My body knows when a toxic substance enters its system. The adverse reaction is my body detoxing or trying to rid of the unwanted sh*t!!

Any body with no adverse reaction to a toxic-chemical or processed food  and simply thinks all of that is normal for your daily life, sadly is mistaken. And this is the part that makes me sad — Your body thinks it’s normal to have poison inside and doesn’t know to scream out for help. Your body does not know any better.

Is there not something wrong with that picture???? I feel like I’m going crazy here.

A few paragraphs ago, you thought it was crazy of my to have an adverse reaction to ‘traditional’ household products and processed foods. You did not want to put yourself in harms way by doing what I do–living a healthier life.

Truth is people–you are hurting yourself by ignoring these facts.

If you come with an open heart and open mind I’m here to show you how rewarding and freeing a more natural state of life can be for you and your family.

People who work from home or stay at home with the family are 54% more likely to die from cancer than people who do not work from home or stay to care for the family. WAIT……WHAT!!!!!

Let that sink in. This stat has me like 😳😡

Those people are home working hard cooking, cleaning, taxiing kids, keeping people alive and trying to stay sane. All the while, slowly killing themselves with the toxins they have brought into the homes and the stress that they feel to measure up. We all have a seriously hard job and SO many choices to make! We are all just doing our best! I know it’s easy to roll your eyes and brush off the whole movement of living “clean” and eating organic. It is easy to point fingers at the person trying their hardest to live a clean life and say they are crazy or paranoid or trying too hard. Hey, maybe you cheer them on but it just isn’t your thing! There is no shame in this post or however it is that you roll!! But, doing better for ourselves and our families needs to be ALL OF OUR THINGS.

When we lower their standards for the products that can be sold, we have to raise the bar on educating ourselves and making informed choices! We have to know better and do better for ourselves and our families. In one study, over 800 of the nearly 3000 (tested) chemicals we find in our personal care products (that we rub all over ourselves and our family every. darn. day.) were found to be toxic. This is an uphill battle! These chemicals are straight-up banned in other countries.

Here are just a handful of things these toxic chemicals may cause:

+ interrupt our hormone production

+ cause acute toxicity

+ cause biological mutations

+ skin and eye irritations

+ respiratory issues

+ cause cancer

+inability to focus

+cause acute anxiety

Here are just a few places you’ll find these things in your home:

+ household cleaners

+ shampoo, conditioner, baby wash

+ lotions and creams

+ sunscreen and bug spray

+ scented candles

+ make up

+dryer sheets

+air fresheners

It’s scary how normal it’s become to slap buzz words like “clean” or “organic” or “natural” on toxic-soup products just to market them to people who are trying to do their best!

So what do we do? We educate ourselves!

+ Get the ThinkDirty app and scan all your products. See how they score in terms of toxicity and start replacing the worst offenders!

+ Save a list of the Dirty Dozen and be sure to buy only organic of those things.

+ Make it easy for yourself and look into ALL the things Young Living offers. I can speak for this company because I am proud of their products and how they have changed my life.

Young Living is SO much more than essential oils. I am forever thankful that I can get my cleaners, immune system support, emotional and mental support, weight loss support, healthy foods, make up and diffuser to purify my air from Young Living in my monthly wellness box and never worry that they are anything less than the best!  It doesn’t get easier or higher quality. See all the goodness on my Young Living page!

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Empowered people are the best kind! I am cheering you on, readers! You owe it to your family and yourself to stick around. You don’t have to be a statistic. Be a warrior and fight for your health before it’s too late!

Thanks for reading!

As always,

Spread Love


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