About ME

My 2 minute background –&–for new readers! Welcome new readers!! ūüôā I am an accountant. My true passion involves empowering others and myself to be a happier and healthier person. I am loving every second of becoming more and more healthy for both my physical and spiritual being.¬†Four years ago, I made a lifestyle change¬†to eat¬†less processed foods , carbs and sugar.

Since then I have changed my eating to be very clean and natural, when my heart naturally¬†followed with an inquisitive nature wondering over the mysteries of God. I became Catholic a year ago, and have been running to God ever since–never to look back!!¬†

Recently, I¬†started to use¬†Young Living Essential oils to heal my body physically & emotionally and¬†to clean my house as a more natural¬†alternative.¬†This switch was¬†to rid myself, my fianc√©¬†and my home of chemicals and carcinogens.¬†I have found¬†happiness is so much more than enjoying my own¬†life;¬†Happiness includes spreading love¬†to others’ lives as well. I hope my sharing can help someone!!

Message me if you want to know more! I love meeting new people and talking about ANYTHING!