Inspirational Snippets

Because we all need quick inspiration from time to time…I add these when I need a little umph…hope they help you! Feel free to reach out if you need to chat. I am here to listen.

Often I am upset that I am not in control of everything…this reminds me that I am in control of my own life. I work my hardest to make the best future.




Long term consistency is more than short term intensity…


This. Should. Be. Your. Goal! And a mindset you should strive to reach. Reasoning….You do not want the bad food because you want what is best for you.

Positivity is contagious. Be positive and it will ripple through your whole life!


I have been staying on my grind. All of these thing happened this week! 😁 Keep up your hard work!! The scale will not show all of your success.


Reward yourself with love and appreciation. Try spending a few minutes doing something you like instead of eating.

Try to stay positive. This starts out pretty tough to do. But, after you see how it changes your life for the better, it is no longer as hard. Sending my love!


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